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Apple Crunch Day

An Apple A Day...

Bite into a juicy apple on Monday, October 24, as part of Apple Crunch Day!

Did you know there are more than 7,500 varieties of apples worldwide?

On and around October 24, which is National Food Day, millions of people around the country will crunch into an apple in a unifying action to raise awareness about eating better diets for our health and the environment, access and affordability of fruits and vegetables, and supporting local farmers. 

The Apple Crunch originated in New York City in 2012, with approximately 400,000 New Yorkers biting into a locally grown New York State apple at the same time. The activity has since spread across the country.

Snap a picture of yourself biting into an apple any time between Sunday, October 23 and Saturday, October 30, and post it using the hashtags #LiveWellAppleCrunch and #FoodDay2016.  We just might feature your photo here on our website or on our social media pages!  (You can find Live Well Sioux Falls on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram). Be sure to tag your friends and invite them to join in, as well.

Download our Apple Crunch Event Guide to help you plan your activity!

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