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Your Health “To Do” List for 2018

Jan 02, 2018

Your Health “To Do” List for 2018

In our last article titled, "New Year, New Resolution, New You," we talked about setting SMART goals for the New Year. To help get you started on your goals, we have the perfect "To Do" list for you with 18 ways to make 2018 your healthiest yet! You can download this "18 for '18" list to keep as a handy reference as you take those steps to reach your goals.

And, don't forget the other resources right here at! Maybe you want to start with a basic health risk assessment or review what health screenings you need.
Or, perhaps you want to browse through our Recipe Center or find Tips to Quit Smoking

We can help you get started with a physical activity routine or find healthy events happening in the area. 

All it takes to get on the road to better health is a single step.

So why not start today on your 18 in '18 to do list?