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Mental Health & Substance Use



Mental illness and addiction affects anyone, anywhere, even here – our friends and family, our coworkers, the people we meet every day—even ourselves. Sioux Falls is an uplifting community where people can truly thrive. But without the right support system, the stigma around mental health might prevent people from seeking the help they need.

It’s time to talk about mental health and addiction like any other condition we experience.

Live Well Sioux Falls is here to connect you with the valuable services necessary to help people manage their mental health struggles. No judgment. No stigma. Just support.

What Impacts Your Mental Health?

Your Home

The need for mental health support could be under your own roof—in fact, 38% of Sioux Falls residents say they struggle with binge drinking.

Your Work

Whether you have a high-stakes job or struggle with employment, addictions can be triggered by this sort of stressor—Sioux Falls residents cite behavioral health and addiction as top mental-health concerns.

Your Life

Stress in your daily life can be a big trigger for mental health needs—37% of Sioux Falls residents have been diagnosed with depression or anxiety.

Take the First Step

Resources are available—let healthcare and community resources be the strength you need to manage the mental health or addiction struggles that impact you and your loved ones.

To search for resources in your area visit the Helpline Center 988 Search.