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Fall Prevention

Three questions for assessing your risk of falling:

  1. Do you feel unsteady when standing or walking?
  2. Do you worry about falling?
  3. Have you fallen in the past year?
  • If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are at a higher risk of falling. Creating a plan to reduce your risk of falling may be in your best interest, and being proactive is essential for preventing falls.
  • If you want to help a neighbor, family member, or someone who could use some help with their mobility, consider pointing them in the directions of the resources listed on this page.

There are several ways you can control your risk of falling. These include: Creating a safer, fall-proof home environment, improving kinesthetic(body) awareness, increasing cardiovascular/muscular fitness, using hearing and visual aid devices, and understanding the effects of your medication on your mobility. 

Listed are a few resources and programs around Sioux Falls that you may find useful.


Falls Prevention: The Fall Cycle

In order to prevent falls, it is important to understand the repetitive cycle that can increase the risk of falling. Noel Miller for Sanford Trauma talks about the fall cycle in this short video:


Falls Prevention: Safety Tip

There are behaviors that you can do to reduce your risk of falling. Here are a few:


Falls Prevention: Community Resources

The Sioux Falls community has several resources for falls prevention:


A Matter of Balance – Virtual: Managing Concerns About Falls 

A Matter of Balance is an award-winning program designed to manage falls and increase activity levels. The program emphasizes practical strategies to manage falls.

You can have A Matter of Balance at an organization near you.

For more information click here.


Stay Active and Independent for Life (SAIL) 

S.A.I.L is a strength, balance, and fitness class offered through Sanford Health and specifically designed for adults 65+. Participants improve balance and mobility, reduce their risk of falls, and improve their quality of life while having fun meeting new people.

Experienced and skillful instructors teach each class. These classes are tailored to active older adults who wish to maintain or increase their fitness level. Chairs will be available as needed. For more information visit: You can find SAIL classes here. 


Active Generations Fitness Classes

  Active Generations has been a trusted source of fitness and movement classes within the Sioux Falls community since 1968. 

  A link to their fitness class calendar: LINK 

  Fitness classes are a great way to build body awareness and prevent falling. 



Combines exercise and health information with the familiar game of bingo - a great, fun way to get seniors moving and socializing! Currently, currently organizations can have Bingocize at their facility by request.

Contact to see about getting Bingocize at your local organization.



If you are at a high risk for falls, talk to your primary care provider about the Community Aging in Place—Advancing BetterLiving for Elders or CAPABLE program. This program involves healthcare professionals and a care team to assist in a comprehensive fall prevention efforts.

You can also email for more information on CAPABLE.

Better Choices, Better Health

The presence of chronic disease is a major risk factor for falls. This program covers a variety of health topics in a six-week workshop-style class aimed at helping participants develop the skills to manage their illnesses. Registration required.






Personal stories and testimonials

       Experiencing a fall is a life-changing event. The Great Plains Quality Improvement website is home to personal stories of people who have fallen.

SDSU Extension Falls Prevention YouTube Videos Playlist

Get moving today with five at-home exercises to reduce your risk of falling. This video series highlights simple exercises that can be done at home to help strengthen your body. Research shows that lower body weakness is a leading cause of falls.