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Connect to Wellness


Connect to Wellness

 A free worksite wellness program developed by the American Cancer Society and the University of Washington's Health Promotion Research Center, delivered by your local health department.


What can Connect to Wellness do for my organization?

If you enroll in this workplace wellness program, Live Well, an initiative of the Sioux Falls Health Department will work with you for 12 months for free. This program will not interrupt the flow of work at your organization. Our local health department is equipped to help your organization to find solutions that adapt to your unique work environment.

We will provide:

  •         Expert consultation and a comprehensive assessment of your current health and wellness practices.
  •         Detailed recommendations and proven strategies for improvements that integrate into your existing workplace practices.
  •         Online access to health and wellness toolkits that include flyers, policy and communication templates, and guidance documents.
  •         Technical assistance, resources, and turnkey solutions tailored to your needs.


What does your organization have to do?

If you chose to enroll in Connect to Wellness (for free), we will meet with a representative of your organization to complete an assessment of your current workplace wellness policies, programs, and communications.


After that, we will work with your organization representative to recommend materials (we have multiple toolkits available for you) and the next steps, as well as support you with creating an implementation plan.


We will continue to meet with your representative regularly or as needed to provide ongoing support. We will also work with that representative to complete an assessment after 12 months. At this point, your organization should be self-sufficient and able to continue your tailored workplace wellness program as you see fit.


How can Connect to Wellness improve your organization?

It can show your employees and the community your commitment to their health and well-being by building a healthier workplace that is tailored to the needs and desires of your employees.


If your organization may be interested, you can email or call (605) 367-8137 to learn more about Connect to Wellness.