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Elements of Well-Being

The Five Elements of Well-Being

Physical Well-Being: People with thriving physical well-being effectively manage their health.

  • They exercise regularly and feel better throughout the day as a result.
  • They make good dietary choices, which keep their energy high throughout the day and sharpen their thinking.
  • They get enough sleep to wake up feeling well-rested and to process what they learned the day before – and to get a good start on the next day.
  • People with thriving physical well-being look better, feel better, and will live longer.

Community Well-Being: People with high community well-being feel safe and secure where they live.

  • They take pride in their community, and they believe it is headed in the right direction. This often results in their wanting to give back and make a lasting contribution to society.
  • People with thriving community well-being have identified areas where they can contribute to their community based on their own strengths and passions. They tell others about these interests to connect with the right groups and causes. Their contribution may start small, but over time, it leads to more involvement and has a profound impact on their community.
  • The efforts of people with thriving community well-being are what create communities we cannot imagine living without.

Career Well-Being: People with high career well-being wake up every morning with something to look forward to doing that day.

  • Whether they are working in a home, a classroom, or a cubicle, these people have the opportunity to use their strengths each day and to make progress.
  • Those with thriving career well-being have a deep purpose in life and a plan to attain their goals.
  • In most cases, they have a leader or manager who makes them enthusiastic about the future and friends who share their passion.

Financial Well-Being: People with thriving financial well-being are satisfied with their overall standard of living.

  • They manage their personal finances well to create financial security. This eliminates day-to-day stress caused by debt and helps build financial reserves.
  • People with high financial well-being spend their money wisely. They buy experiences that provide them with lasting memories. They give to others and don’t just spend on themselves.
  • As a result of managing their money wisely, they have the financial freedom to spend even more time with the people whose company they enjoy most.

Social Well-Being: People with thriving social well-being have several close relationships that help them achieve, enjoy life and be healthy.

  • They are surrounded by people who encourage their development and growth.
  • Those with high social well-being deliberately spend time – on average about six hours a day – investing in their social networks. They make time for gatherings and trips that strengthen these relationships even more.
  • As a result, people with thriving social well-being have great relationships, which give them positive energy on a daily basis.

Source: Well-Being: The Five Essential Elements; Tom Rath & Jim Harter