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Smokefree Multi-Unit Housing

Why Smoke-Free Housing?
If you are a multiunit housing property owner and manager, it is important to understand the many benefits of having smoke-free properties.

Buildings may be able to attract more tenants by going smoke-free. Research shows that renters want smoke-free housing and are often willing to pay higher rent and make other sacrifices, such as walking farther to a bus stop or driving farther to work, to live in a smoke-free building. Other benefits include:

(Data courtesy of the National
Center of Healthy Housing.)

Maintenance Costs
(Source: National Center of Healthy Housing)

General Cleaning $240 $500 $720
Paint $170 $225 $480
Flooring $50 $950 $1,425
Appliances $60 $75 $490
Bathroom $40 $60 $400
Total $560 $1,810


Resources for Smoke-free Housing

Videotaped Presentations from the 2019 Breath of Fresh Air Summit 

A workshop titled Smoking and Beyond: What It Really Cost$ You was held in February 2019 for multiunit property owners and managers, as well as anyone holding a South Dakota real estate license. Topics covered the legalities of smoke-free housing and how to create smoke-free, safe, and healthy properties. Each segment of the workshop was recorded and are available to view by clicking on the links below. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to email, or you can reach the Sioux Falls SET-Free Tobacco Coalition at (605) 371-1000.


Other Resources